Welcome to That Left Turn At Albuquerque, my attempt at a travel blog.

For the time being, I will be almost entirely focused on my home state of Victoria, Australia. Primarily Melbourne, and my hometown of Geelong, but I’ll try to get to Ballarat and Bendigo too, as well as some of the smaller, regional towns. My plan right now is to build content and a following, while my bank account builds up and I can travel overseas. I’m getting my camera fixed next week, and I’m going to get right into it, with White Night 2015 in Melbourne next weekend.

I’m still getting the hang of WordPress, so expect the theme to change a dozen times in the next few months, until I finally settle on one I like.  Not to mention all the nice little features that make a webpage that much easier to navigate. Bear with me.

Yes, I named my travel blog after something Bugs Bunny said.

Later days,